Transport Karlštejn  

Passenger transport Karlštejn and surroundings

 We offer transportation services                                    

We offer transportation services Are you in Karlštejn, do you need to go to Karlštejn, in a camp, hotel or boarding house, are you alone or a whole group? Is the train not running and in a hurry? We offer the use of our transport services minibuses.

Transport to the castle
We will take you to the castle. You don't have to tread the rising pedestrian zone.

Now, in case of your interest, during transport to the castle, a view of Great America included. (Ask the driver)

Passenger transport from the central car park, from the ČD railway station, etc.

Canyon Great America.
Beautiful view of the famous quarry.

Open-air museum Solvayovy doly and Koněpruské caves.

Other trips and services according to your plans.

You have your plan, you can do it there, won't you? Contact us. 


                  The cars are regularly disinfected, we drive in respirators.
                                          We wish you all good health.  

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